From Cooking to Design: Turning Frustration into Product with Chef Matt at Chez Pascal

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You will hear how a healthy dose of determination can help propel you through your comfort zone. Join Chef Matt Gennuso of Chez Pascal and The Wurst Kitchen as he discusses his journey from conception to implementation of his new design of cooking apron, The Chezpron: it’s not a pain in the neck. Working in kitchens most of his adult life, the standard around the neck apron had always been a frustrating, uncomfortable part of the uniform. He will explain from the vantage point of a person completely unskilled in clothing design how perseverance, patience, listening, learning and discovery enabled him to see his concept to fruition. A “yes you can” discussion for those interested in design, or are unsure of attempting to dabble in something you know nothing about. Plus Matt will provide a tasty lunch drawing from his first area of expertise, cooking, to aid in your listening pleasure.