Designers as Instigators of Change | Circumventing Gridlock and Creating Contact

In the rapidly connected product world, potential is abundant and users want access now. Though policies, bureaucracy, and lack of progress are creating gridlock and feeding frustration. Today, designers can act as instigators of change, creating products that advance progress despite these barriers.

At Providence-based LOFT, Jeanette Numbers and her team have found themselves circumventing many a system with their designs. Hear about their work in health, energy, and more.


Jeanette Numbers

Jeanette is co-founder of Loft, a multidisciplinary strategy, design, and technology agency. She works with change makers and organizations who are committed to a human-centered approach to define innovative consumer experiences.

Jeanette’s work has spanned dozens of brands and a wide variety of industries. She has worked both within the corporate environment and as a leader in industrial design teams. She has created numerous award-winning designs and holds multiple patents for product innovations. As a founding member of GirlsRock! RI and a drummer in Cave of Colors, she is also an active Providence musician.