10,000 SUNS: Cultivating the Urban Landscape through Seeds and Community

Adameanderson sunflower-1-render

Come for a tour of the 10,000 SUNS Project led by Landscape Architect Adam E. Anderson, in which the project’s artistic, cultural, political, and ecological pursuits will be highlighted. The event will close with a round table discussion within the field (surrounded by a bloom of sunflowers).

Ten Thousand Suns is a summer-long botanical performance, founded in 2016 and located on one of the new 195 parcels, in which over 10,000 sunflower seeds are planted and nurtured over the course of the summer months. Until recently, the land sat under a highway, with high compaction, low-organic material, and embedded with toxicity. This project explores the landscape architectural potential that at once highlights the simplicity of those who care to “develop” a garden/park for everyone to enjoy while also actively transforming a challenged land area into a bio-diverse and artful habitat.

These events are being recorded and photographed. By attending, you give your consent to be photographed, filmed, taped, and/or recorded.


Adam Anderson

Design Under Sky

Adam E. Anderson is a registered landscape architect and Founder/Director of Design Under Sky. Projects vary in a range of scales that include but are not excluded to a hospital healing gardens, residential gardens, master planning, campus plazas, rooftop gardens, and urban parks, as well as commissioned public art works.

His work negotiates with the ever changing landscape by understanding the unique phenomenological qualities and cultural influences inherent in a site, and then deploying interventions to embrace, reveal, and often embellish these qualities. “Nature” is abstracted in our projects, culminating in a celebration of wonder found in both the technological and ecological.

He received his Masters in Landscape Architecture (MLA II) from the Rhode Island School of Design where he was an Olmsted Scholar and Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University. He has taught at RISD since 2014 and has been a visiting critic at Harvard Graduate School of Design, The Ohio State University, Northeastern University, and the Boston Architectural College.

Prior to forming the D.U.S. Adam worked for the award winning offices of Landworks Studio and Ground, Inc. in Boston working on several international and regional projects.