Calligraphy Workshop - SOLD OUT!

Calligraphy-workshop Mojotech2-17

Calligraphy, the ancient art of writing beautifully, is a demanding and hard-to-learn skill in any form. In an increasingly screen-based industry, it’s an invaluable practice for grounding practitioners in the physical world. The huge variety of calligraphy types, styles, tools, ink, paper, and techniques makes it hard for to figure where to start—and how to smooth out those first shaky strokes.

Ivan, a casual calligrapher for 8 years, will provide a methodical approach beginning with the choice of tools and calligraphy styles, and guiding you through a few techniques and hacks for quick and early wins to help our dopamine hooked brains stay focused on this very hard to master art form.

MojoTech will provide the tools necessary for all attendees to follow along and experiment with calligraphy. Attendees are encouraged to bring their tools(if they have any) or devices like iPad Pro + Apple Pens as well.

These events are being recorded and photographed. By attending, you give your consent to be photographed, filmed, taped, and/or recorded.


Ivan Manolov


Ivan graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is happy to report that he has yet to work a day in his professional life as an engineer, although his analytical left brain and dizzying formal design savvy have surely benefited from such. Ivan draws from a diverse background spanning design strategy, branding, print and illustration, to digital products and marketing design. When not cooking up award-winning brand identities, Ivan spends his personal time diving deep in niche design subjects like calligraphy, heraldry, vexillology, and cartography.