A RISD Redesign: Oomph & RISD Museum create a new Digital Experience

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RISD Museum partnered with Oomph to re-platform the former Museum website into Drupal 8. Along the way, the RISD team became excited about reimaging the way the website can be used by their audience, and Oomph got excited about the Museum’s plan to open source the entire collection. Through an iterative back-n-forth process, Oomph led the conversation around purpose, goals, and user journeys while the RISD team answered our questions and led the design process internally. Finally, we got together and built it! It was a great process where we both learned a lot about the goals of a modern museum.

This talk will review why RISD Museum wanted to do this, what the goals were, what are the options and needs of a modern museum visitor, how Oomph approached the new information architecture, who we looked to for inspiration, and how we envision the website continuing to grow and improve.

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J. Hogue


I’m J. Hogue, and I’ve been a designer for over 20 years, working with primarily the web for 10. I work to understand problems and use technology, design thinking, code, psychology, and accessibility best practice to author the right solution. I love conversation, I ask a lot of questions, I enjoy architecture and history and urban exploration and I can talk your ear off about CSS, fonts, and my opinions about punctuation.

Jeremy Radtke

RISD Museum

Jeremy is an educator and fabricator and also the Assistant Director for Digital Initiatives at the RISD Museum.