Storytelling as a Lynchpin Capability for Innovation - SOLD OUT!

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Storytelling is a critical skill that can invite people into a conversation in way that engenders empathy, participation, and co-creation. It is an invaluable tool for changing behavior and helps to anchor the innovation process at both the intellectual and emotional level.

Here at BIF, we use storytelling to translate the customer experience into assets that build engagement and inspire leaders to take action. We’ll help you develop your storytelling muscle through a series of experiential activities geared toward both novice and expert alike. This workshop will cover two foundational areas:

• How to engage stakeholders in order to understand their experiences through the stories they tell.
• How to translate these stories into written and visual narratives that can be used to galvanize support for new approaches and practices.

Everyone has a story to tell; the real challenge is learning how to listen so we can act in more meaningful ways.

These events are being recorded and photographed. By attending, you give your consent to be photographed, filmed, taped, and/or recorded.


Isabelle Yisak


As an Experience Designer, Isabelle brings her experience in participatory design, facilitation, and social research methods to translate data into meaningful knowledge that can serve people and spark transformative change.

Prior to joining BIF as an Experience Designer, Isabelle worked in the Chicago nonprofit scene on sustainability issues including cross-sectoral efforts to build regional resilience to climate change via participatory design processes. Additionally, she co-founded and served as the Chief Strategist of Kaya Collaborative, a student-created nonprofit that aims to inspire, educate, and mobilize youth in the Philippine diaspora as partners in long-term, locally-led social change in the Philippines. Throughout its first year, she helped recruit students nationwide for the first cohort of the Kaya Co. Fellowship and injected principles of community-driven design into the fellowship program.

Isabelle earned her B.A. in Architectural Studies from Brown University with a stint abroad in Copenhagen studying Urban Design.

Kay Zagrodny


Originally from Rhode Island, Kay Zagrodny is excited to apply her anthropology background as an Experience Designer at BIF. She is interested in coming to deeper understandings about human motivations and behaviors, and has performed research on populations living with HIV/AIDs, food systems, community development and microfinance organizations. Her worldview is influenced by her background in ethnographic research methods and passion for looking at how morals and values impact peopleÍs decision-making processes. Kay holds a B.A. in Anthropology from St. MaryÍs College of Maryland, and an M.A. in Anthropology with a concentration in globalization, development, and culture from the University of Memphis.