Design Meets Performance

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Bose and Loft share how they use an intensely collaborative process to build product experiences. Set inside Slingshot, Loft’s onsite R&D lab, users will participate in a workshop to create new experiences that compliment the use of the new Bose AR-enabled wearables finding their way to millions of users in 2019.

Ticket price is $15; Food and drinks provided.

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Scott Puckett

Industrial Design Lead

Scott Puckett is an Industrial Design Lead at Bose Corporation. His Designs are often found hiding in plain sight, that’s because Scott designs for the Professional Systems Division at Bose. Everything from retail sound systems to large stadium arrays are within the portfolio of products Scott has Designed since his arrival at Bose in 2017. Like the rest of the Bose Design team, Scott helps shape the experiences and interactions that millions of people around the world have had with Bose products, but with a slight twist. The products in the Pro Division are often interacted with by installers, sound engineers, and musicians. The Pro Audio industry has a completely different set of challenges thus resulting in a need for better solutions which also look as good as they sound. When he’s not helping disrupt a 5 billion dollar market, he’s usually building something fun, like his nephews modified power wheel complete with upgraded motors and upholstered interior or one of the several model rockets he regularly launches. He is currently learning everything he can about the Space industry in case a sound system is needed on Mars.