Exploring Flexible Design Systems with Drupal’s Layout Builder

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Advanced content management in digital platforms has matured into a set of powerful design paradigms — rows, components, and styles. Oomph Inc.‘s latest project with the RISD Museum created a design system that offered a system of 14 colors, 15 layouts, 6 style options, 12 animation options, 25 text styles, and 5 content types. The resulting layouts surprised the team, utilizing a rich mix of video, animations, and typography that they had not totally foreseen.

This presentation will show the tools and how the design system is constructed. Then we will explore the pages that the RISD Museum team created in advance of their upcoming “Raid the Icebox Now” retrospective and reimagining.


J. Hogue

J. Hogue has been a designer for over 20 years, working with primarily the web for 10. He works to understand problems and use technology, design thinking, code, psychology, and accessibility best practice to author the right solution. He loves conversation and sks a lot of questions. He enjoys architecture and history and urban exploration and can talk your ear off about CSS, fonts, and his opinions about punctuation.