Lotuff Leather Studio Tour

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Based out of a sunny corner studio in the heart of Providence, Lotuff Leather has always believed that taking the time to create superior-quality goods fosters success and dignity. With a small team of talented local artisans, many of whom maintain their own studio practices and independent galleries on the side, they bring exquisite, lovingly made pieces to life every day. On this tour, you’ll explore the Lotuff workspace alongside Creative Director Lindy McDonough to learn all about what goes into making one of their beautifully handcrafted leather bags, from choosing a hide all the way down to completing its final stitches.

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Lindy McDonough

Creative Director

Lindy McDonough is the creative director of Lotuff Leather, an in-house studio where classically trained artisans hand-make technically complex leather bags. With over a decade of industry experience and a brilliant eye for design, her multifaceted efforts have allowed Lotuff to establish a firm foothold in luxury goods. All the way down from pattern-making to stitching, she possesses the unusual ability to see each of her creations through to the end while training the next generation of makers in the process. Lindy holds a BFA in Industrial Design from RISD and is the first Rhode Island designer to be inducted into the CFDA.

By establishing the Lotuff studio, she has helped build an ever-growing team of 21 dedicated artists, many of whom continue to maintain their own studio practices and bring their talent to each handmade piece. The standard that McDonough sets for quality allows Lotuff to guarantee each piece for life. Her goal is for Lotuff to become a renowned atelier, sustained by the collective effort to make the highest-caliber leather bags and empower Providence’s creative community through meaningful employment.