Abstracting Apps: Information Architecture for User Experience Design


The apps we love feel intuitive—like they were built for us.

Things are right where we expect them to be, so we can find what we’re looking for and do what we need to do.

Building intuitive apps first requires designers understand how people mentally model things in the world, and the relationships between them. Then, they need to structure data and information the way that makes the most sense to users.

In this workshop MojoTech will explore what information architecture is, why it’s critical to building successful apps, and practical tools you can use to build clear, human experiences.

Ticket price is $10; Food and drinks provided.

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Chapman Bettis

Chapman is a homegrown Rhode Islander who studied art and graphic design in the greater Boston area before jumping into the agency world. He has built identity systems and websites for a range of industries including nonprofit, education, municipalities, and energy startups. In his personal time he enjoys playing music and building abstract sculptures. He thinks he’s good at building them, and knows he’s terrible at explaining them.

Andy Davies

Andy Davies is a designer from Providence, but got his start in San Francisco, where he built a lot of websites for startups before moving into building systems and identities for foundations and open-source movements. In his free time he enjoys drawing black metal album covers, trail running, and judging other people’s taste in beer.