Protecting Your Art, Designs, and Ideas: What All Designers Should Know in the Intellectual Economy


Learn about strategies to understand and benefit from Design Patents, 3D Trademarks, Licensing, and other IP consideration often overlooked by small businesses and independent designers. PCK Intellectual Property’s Alan Feeney, Esq. and Donald Fruge’, will help you better understand the legal risks and rewards by becoming a more IP sophisticated designer.

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Alan Feeney

Alan is a highly regarded U.S. intellectual property attorney, IP strategy analyst, legal advisor who advises clients in patent strategy, portfolio management, patent prosecution, trademark protection, copyright filings, and trade secret matters. Additionally, he regularly advises Wall Street investors for Fortune 500 companies. He has over 25 years of legal experience and over 20 years specializing in intellectual property law, including Design Patents, Utility Patents, Trademarks, 3-D Trademarks, Trade Dress, and IP Licensing Agreements.

Donald Fruge

Donald specializes in the growth and development of early to mid-stage companies, including startups in the Life Sciences, Healthcare, Products, Design, and Law. His expertise spans from government contracting to global business development. He has over 25 years of operations and executive management experience. He has successfully developed three healthcare delivery companies and a global intellectual property law firm dedicated to the advancement of innovations around the globe.