Rigid Box Design & Making Workshop


Learn about designing rigid boxes and how packaging design helps drive brand value.

In this workshop, attendees will first experience conceptualizing and developing structural form in Artios with Taylor Box’s award-winning Senior Designer Ken Byrne. He will discuss the variables of exterior design and the circumstances under which each element should be chosen. During this time, he’ll also explain how design and quality of custom packaging correlates to improved product value, brand identity, and customer experience.

Attendees will then visit the factory to meet with resident craftswoman Carol Lajoie, Supervisor for the PortfolioBox Division and Hand Making Department. Here, Carol will demonstrate how various styles of boxes are created, wrapped, and finished. Participants will be provided material components of a box structure, will choose from a variety of decorative wraps, and will be guided through the construction process to make their own box to take home.

Lunch will be provided.

These events are being recorded and photographed. By attending, you give your consent to be photographed, filmed, taped, and/or recorded.


Ken Byrne

Senior Designer

Ken Byrne has been a Senior Designer for Taylor Box for 28 years. He is the renowned designer behind numerous award-winning Taylor projects and is responsible for creating some of the most intricate and forward-thinking structures to come out of our shop. Ken holds a bachelor’s in architecture and Fine Art from RISD.

Carol Lajoie

Packaging Specialist

Carol is a 50-year veteran of creating handcrafted portfolios and award-winning packaging. Prior to Taylor Box, she worked with at Portfolio Box creating luxury portfolios and presentation pieces for world-renowned artists, photographers and publishers. Portfolio Box was acquired by Taylor Box in 20XX and remains our luxury portfolio and packaging division.