A Designer’s Role: Changing our Healthcare System

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The United States’ current healthcare system is in crisis. We spend the most money on healthcare-related expenses of any country. 27 million American citizens either pay out of pocket or have to refuse care because they lack healthcare insurance coverage. There is a disconnect in communication and information sharing across the entire system complicating care for patients and causing physician burnout. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Join NEMIC Managing Partner and Designer, Aidan Petrie whose focus is on the intersections between user-centered design and healthcare as he explains the current state of our healthcare system, the costs, the challenges, and a designer’s role in changing the system to benefit all.

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Aidan Petrie


Aidan Petrie is a founding Partner of NEMIC (New England Medical Innovation Center) and a Fellow of the Provost at RISD, focused on intersections between user centered design and healthcare. He is a member of Cherrystone Angels and a mentor and adviser to multiple startups.

Aidan’s passion for innovation and design has helped bring hundreds of products to market that range from simple drug compliance aids to wearable therapeutics, home monitoring products and complex surgical systems.

Aidan was the founding partner of Ximedica, one of the worlds leading medical device developers. Ximedica integrates regulated devices with connected systems to provide the next generation of healthcare solutions. Aidan remains the Chief Innovation Officer Emeritus.