Ryan Lesser: Unpacking Game Design

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Unpacking Game Design: A tour of this fast-paced, high-stakes industry

On the heels of HASCON, game designer, artist, musician and long-time Providence resident, Ryan Lesser, unpacks the game design industry in this featured DESIGN WEEK RI talk. A fast-paced, rigorous industry, game design taps a dynamic mix of contributors to produce leading edge experiences using design and simulation. From simply developing fun to creating 3-D and virtual platforms that push the industry, Ryan will speak from his 20+ years in the field and take the audience on a tour filled with music, art, and high-stakes production.

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Game Designer, Musician, Visual Artist

Ryan Lesser

Ryan Lesser is a game designer, musician and visual artist living in Providence. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, he has been creating video games since 1996 and is best known for his design and art direction on such influential games as Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, Rock Band and The Beatles: Rock Band.

Ryan has been a Creative Lead at Harmonix, a video game developer, for 18 years, and is also co-founder of Wild Power Games since 2014, where he is developing and crowdfunding board games and video games such as High Heavens. During his time at Harmonix, he helped to create the patented 3D musical interface that would be used in many of Harmonix’s music based games including Rock Band and Amplitude. Ryan is one of the recipients of the Game Developer’s Choice Awards Innovation Award for his art direction and co-creation of the Guitar Hero series.