The Future of Retail Design: Experience is Everything

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Designer151 Studios has been designing for the Retail Environment for 15 years and has experienced many changes in technology, shopping and consumer insights over this time.

Manuel Cordeiro, the Founder and Creative Director will be hosting a short presentation and open conversation regarding the changing Retail Environment and how your company should be thinking for future development and relevance in this rapidly changing marketplace.

The talk will cover both in-house project examples as well as current examples of consumer brands who are thriving in this new retail world of experiences and discuss how these design changes are proving a massive return on investment within these companies.

These events are being recorded and photographed. By attending, you give your consent to be photographed, filmed, taped, and/or recorded.


Manuel Cordeiro

Designer151 Studios

Manuel Cordeiro has spent 15 years in the design industry, pushing innovation and creativity through design, marketing and management roles. In 2014, he established his own design studio, Designer151 Studios, a goal he held since his days at Pratt Institute.

Designer151 Studios is a full service, multidisciplinary design agency specializing in Point of Purchase (POP) and retail marketing displays, along with branding, packaging, printing services, prototyping and manufacturing. Located in Pawtucket, RI, the studio works in collaboration with a creative network of local partners - a team of varying contract designers, structural engineers, printers and production partners - that are a crucial part of the whole comprehensive design experience. Designer151 Studios’ work has been showcased nationally and internationally, with clients such as Hasbro, Medicine Box and a network of small-business innovators.