Creating a Culture of Collaboration

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Collaboration is fundamental to the design process: from working with clients and vendors to finding creative partners. The Design Office is a group of small design firms and independent practitioners who share space and support each other’s work. Members have different areas of expertise and work with a wide variety of clients while also pushing the boundaries of their practice through uncommissioned projects. The group has collaborated on a number of projects over the years that have explored rethinking cultural identity, finding common ground, expanding boundaries, and finding clarity in complexity.

A panel of The Design Office members will discuss how the culture of the space has nurtured exciting collaborations. Speakers will include Design Office co-directors John Caserta and Sarah Rainwater (Founder and Creative Director of Studio Rainwater); Studio Rainwater designers Sarah Verity and Danikqwa Rambert; Nic Schumann, Co-Founder of Work-Shop Design Studio; Kristin Silva, founder of Studio Quiche; and Cem Eskinazi and June Shin of The Providence Drawing Office.

These events are being recorded and photographed. By attending, you give your consent to be photographed, filmed, taped, and/or recorded.


Sarah Rainwater

Studio Rainwater

Sarah Rainwater is the Founder and Creative Director of Studio Rainwater and Co-Director of The Design Office. Studio Rainwater is an award-winning branding and graphic design agency based in Providence, Rhode Island. From a logo or website to a multi-platform campaign, our work combines identity, environmental design, print, interactive, and animation to create results that are exciting, engaging, and cohesive across all media. Our clients include innovative companies, educational and cultural institutions, and nonprofits.

Danikqwa Rambert

Studio Rainwater

Sarah Verity

Studio Rainwater

John Caserta

Design Office

John Caserta is an Associate Professor and former Department Head of the Graphic Design Department at The Rhode Island School of Design. He is Founder and Co-Director of The Design Office, a work and project space for designers in downtown Providence.

Nic Schumann


Nic Schumann is a designer, programmer, and thinker who loves working deeply and systematically on problems across experiential scales and technical realms. Nic is Co-founder of Work-Shop Design Studio, a multidisciplinary design consultancy in Providence. Nic was educated in Computer Science at Brown University, and remains a community member, consultant, and collaborator at Brown and RISD. He has taught or assisted with courses at Brown in the departments of Engineering and Visual Arts.

Work-Shop partners with clients to help them achieve their most important creative goals and dreams. Their projects integrate brand, interior, digital and experience design, creating cohesive and impactful results that propel organizations forward. Clients Include the Smithsonian Institution, Harvard, MIT, and Brown as well as a wide variety of Rhode Island based small businesses and non-profits. Recently, Work-Shop has received the Design Innovation Grant from RISCA and the Creative Mile Award from the 195 Commission.

Cem Eskinazi and June Shin

The Providence Drawing Office

Cem Eskinazi and June Shin are award-winning designers based in Providence, Rhode Island. Once classmates, they hold master’s degrees in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. Currently type designers at the Providence Drawing Office (PDO) and the newest members of the Design Office (DO), they can be found working on graphic design projects when not drawing letters.

Kristin Silva,

Studio Quiche

Studio Quiche