Inclusive Design: Beyond Accessibility & Across Industries - SOLD OUT!

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Design informs our interaction with technology, the construction of cities, the aesthetics of a restaurant, the functionality of automobiles, and the processes by which businesses operate. Design permeates all industries and impacts our global ecosystem and everyday lives. Over the years diverse approaches such as participatory, user-centered and transgenerational design have attempted to incorporate inclusive aspects to improve the lives of people, users, consumers, stakeholders etcetera. Today practitioners of design are striving to create some of the most innovative and holistic products, experiences and spaces that elevate the standard of what inclusive design ought to be and offer to our beautifully diverse humanity and complex ecosystem.

Join us for a lunch panel on Brown University’s campus. We’ll explore the spectrum of ways in which inclusive design has shaped products, experiences and spaces of four unique industries and target elements of inclusion.

Our panel includes:

- Two-time Brown University graduate alumna Krystal Sarcone representing her startup EveryWear and speaking on the role of universal design in the space of apparel consumerism for individuals with diverse health, function, and disability needs.

- Industrial Design RISD Alumna Jen Spatz discussing her thesis work related to voice user interfaces and its user design, including verbosity and speed as well as the use of successive staccato sounds to improve navigation for visually impaired and blind community.

- MPA candidate and media production specialist at the Watson Institute, Alex Laferriere speaking on the historical references in film pertaining to the depiction of the deaf and/or sign language using characters and our subsequent understanding of this community.

- Project LET’s representative and Brown University Undergraduate, Matthew Flathers, discussing the student group’s advocacy for inclusive spaces on campus for students with a disability, mental illness or neurodivergence.

This event is supported by the Brown University’s Jonathan M. Nelson Center For Entrepreneurship.

These events are being recorded and photographed. By attending, you give your consent to be photographed, filmed, taped, and/or recorded.


Krystal Sarcone

Krystal Sarcone is known to dabble in a variety of projects across industries and in the most interdisciplinary cross-brain way possible and her current work pulls from personal, professional, and academic experiences and research pertaining to health, disability, function and the dynamic interaction with apparel. A recent graduated from Brown University with her 2nd master’s, she is the founder of a startup venture in the area of adaptive apparel and improving the shopping experience for marginalized consumers. Outside of this work, Krystal has clinical research, patient education, advocacy experience in medical settings and nonprofit management expertise across the globe while serving as the Executive director for a medical nonprofit providing surgical care for children with scoliosis. Krystal also has extensive design and construction experience with apparel, carpentry, Arduino products, web development etc. Krystal is most passionate about bringing universal design concepts to venues in which diversity and disability have been historically neglected, or overly pathologized.

Alexander Laferriere

Alexander Laferriere’s interests focus on film, policy, and accessibility as it pertains to education within deaf and sign-language communities. He is a media production specialist with the Watson Institute’s communications team. Alexander is passionate about using his media skills to innovative, forward thinking policy, as well as entertaining and educational films and videos. He has been involved in the production of various films that were completely Deaf/Sign language operated and sees the potential of such production methods for visual crafts. He earned a bachelor’s degree in interactive media and game design from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Jen Spatz

Jen Spatz is a multidisciplinary designer focused on the role of auditory perception in future facing technologies. Through the creation of design objects, animations, and staged experiments her work encourages conversation about the universal design of digital experiences.

Jen holds a Masters of Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and received her BFA from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.