A Night of Surrealist Games (with Roger Clark Miller)


Can’t wait for Designer’s Ball II: Surreal? Eager to infuse more SURREALism into your life?

Join us for A Night of Surrealist Games with Roger Clark Miller on April 1st, 7-10 pm at Askew Prov Bar in Providence. Come for an evening of creativity, hilarity, and FUN as you play mind-bending games that challenge you to explore your own dreams and consciousness.

Bring your friends, make new acquaintances, and get ready to collectively create something new, strange, and wonderful!

Check out Roger’s blog post to learn more about how the previous Surrealist Game Nights went: https://rogerclarkmiller.com/surrealist-games-night/

These events are being recorded and photographed. By attending, you give your consent to be photographed, filmed, taped, and/or recorded.


Roger Clark Miller

Roger Clark Miller is an artist, musician and composer. Currently, Miller is active in Mission of Burma, The Alloy Orchestra, Sproton Layer, M2, and The Trinary System. In 2016, his composition “Scream, Gilgamesh, Scream” (for two voices and chamber group), commission by N.E.C.’s Callithumpian Consort, premiered in Jordan Hall at The New England Conservatory. In 2018, Tufts University put on a concert entirely of his chamber music. He has been a journalist/blogger for SLATE, The Huffington Post, a book reviewer for the Wall Street Journal, and a record reviewer for The Talk House. As a visual artist, he utilizes Max Ernst’s Frottage technique, and has been in numerous shows selling his work. Miller is an accomplished sound-track composer whose films have appeared at the Sundance and Telluride Film Festivals. Miller also was guest faculty at the Rhode Island School of Design and visiting artist at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Tufts University (Medford, MA), the Berklee School of Music in Boston, and St. Michael’s College in Burlington, VT.