June Clambake

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Clambake is a gathering for designers, creatives, and those who like design and want to know more. It’s a time to get together, network, and hear about some of the cool new design work that is happening in RI. Two presenters from two different design disciplines present each month. Presentations are generally 15 minutes followed by Q&A. * No clams at the event (unless it’s August), just a great mix of design!

Since 2018, Clambake has been traveling around RI. Are there any designers/creatives in RI you’d like to nominate to be a Clambake speaker? Any cool spaces in RI we should host a Clambake? Let us know!

In June, we’ll be at iolabs!

Speaker information coming mid-June. Check our Facebook Event for more information on speakers.

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These events are being recorded and photographed. By attending, you give your consent to be photographed, filmed, taped, and/or recorded.


Jason Tranchida


Jason is a designer and artist based in Providence, RI. In 2002, he launched LLAMAproduct, an interdisciplinary creative agency focusing on graphic design and brand development with an emphasis on print media, creative direction, and event/experience branding. His clients range from entertainment and consumer products, to arts and education nonprofits. Jason is also co-founder, editor and creative director of Headmaster, the art magazine for man-lovers, an assignment-based print publication that challenges artists to investigate themes of masculinity. Jason holds a Bachelors of Architecture and an MFA in sculpture from Pratt Institute and a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Michigan.

Gregory DeLong


Gregory DeLong was born with two traits you can’t learn in school: mechanical genius and sexual precocity. The combination led him to create his first sex toy at the age of twelve. Greg graduated from Tufts University with a degree in mechanical engineering”. After ten jobs in fifteen or so years – in fields ranging from bicycles to navy ships to windsurfing gear to bicycles (again) to electric motor scooters – Greg faked his way into product design. This transition was largely facilitated by the mastery of 3D CAD he had attained working on all of the above. Greg bought his first computer and a license for SolidWorks software in 2001, after which he embarked on a freelance existence, feeding off the scraps of oddball – and often ill-considered – projects that had evaded the voracious maw of the likes of ITEM and the other ‘good hair’ ID firms.

Having assimilated considerable branding/marketing knowledge from the above adventures - often as not by observing the mistakes of the flawed geniuses for whom he had the good fortune to work - and having observed the near complete lack of design and branding in the realm of sex ‘toys’, Greg spotted the opportunity to create a brand in an otherwise brand-less industry. In 2005 Greg and friend/colleague, Chris Clement, started Vibe Design and a little side project called njoy. Two hundred and three tons of ‘fine instruments of pleasure’ later, the world is a shinier place.