Mask Making Workshop Extravaganza

Join DxRI for a full day of mask-making! Over the course of the day, we’ll have 4 different experts on the line, with different approaches to making a protective face-covering. Tune into one of our hour-long workshops with an expert maker, or drop into our evening office hours for advice from a textile professional! Stay safe, in style.

10:00 - 11:00AM

Workshop Title: Basic Pleated Mask with Laura Burkett

Instructor: Laura Burkett, Laura Burkett Designs

Follow along with Laura’s adaptation of the Deaconess mask style.

Dust off that old sewing machine, and follow along with Laura’s adaptation of the Deaconess mask style! The main difference is that this one does not require elastic. It incorporates ties instead, which give the mask greater sizing variability and allows it to conform better to the face due to the tighter fit. Due to the absence of complicated shapes or curves, It’s a great style if you’re newish to sewing; Laura is new to fabric sewing herself, she says. If she can do it, sew can you smile

Click here to download PDF instructions

Click here to view recording of session

3:00 - 4:00 PM

Workshop Title: HK Mask with Eliza Squibb

Instructor Name: Eliza Squibb, ZTwist Design

Learn how to make a simple-to-sew HK fabric mask with ties with Eliza Squibb.

Eliza is the type of person who reads as many recipes as possible and then follows none of them. In this workshop, you’ll get a quick synthesis of tips and techniques Eliza has gleaned from online open-source mask-making groups and from her own experimentation. You will come away with step-by-step instructions for making the Open Source HK mask: a simple-to-sew fabric mask with ties and space for a filter insert made with a home sewing machine. A PDF of instructions and online resources will be shared prior to the workshop.

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5:00 - 6:00 PM

Workshop Title: Badass BandanAIRa with Jen Long

Instructor: Jen Long , Pivotal Design LLC

Jen Long shows us how to make a mask with only a bandana, a paper clip, a reusable shopping bag, and a drawstring!

Using only a bandana, paper clip, reusable shopping bag and a drawstring. Jen will show you how to make a very effective, form-fitted and filtering contagion mask for these social distancing days. Then, she will show you how to sew it all together with just six inches of stitching! No patterns to download, no complicated shapes to pin, cut or pleat! And it won’t irritate your ears! She’ll also show you how you can use your mask to advocate for climate action!

Click here to download PDF instructions

Click here to view recording of session

6:30 - 7:00 PM

Open Office Hours with Meg DeCubellis

Instructor: Meg DeCubellis , illumiNITE

Get your mask-making questions answered by a textile professional!

Are you stumped somewhere in your mask-making process? Want to make a unique mask out of found materials at home?Getting ready for DxRI’s MASKerAID party, and need some wild inspiration? Drop into our “office hours” with RISD Textile Professor, Meg DeCubellis. Inside this open-format workspace, Meg will be available to answer questions on a first come first serve basis.


Basic Pleated Mask with Laura Burkett

Laura Burkett, Laura Burkett Designs

Laura is a full-time designer and entrepreneur. Her company Laura Burkett Designs creates exquisitely crafted leather backpacks and business accessories. She is the founder of ArtSmart productions, a team of experienced marketers that produces the Art Providence Show and offers integrated, low-cost marketing services to artists and art-based businesses. Burkett grew up in Kentucky and lived in Europe for nine years before moving to Pawtucket in 2009.


HK Mask with Eliza Squibb

Eliza Squibb, ZTwist Design

Eliza is co-founder of ZTwist Design, a design studio that partners with international artists to create visual communication for social impact. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Eliza received a BFA in Textile Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, where she currently teaches at Project Open Door, RISD’s college access program for adolescent artists. Eliza is a co-instructor for D-Lab Design, a course at MIT that connects innovative global start-ups and nonprofits with teams of student engineers.


Badass BandanAIRa with Jen Long

Jen Long , Pivotal Design LLC

Jen has designed toys for most of her 25 year career, until an encounter with plastics in her beloved ocean compelled her to swerve. Since that time she launched The Whale Guitar Project, became a singer/songwriter and performer with SwampBirds, and pivoted her design company, Pivotal Design LLC, to serving environmental and humanitarian purposes. She is an activist with the Healthy Oceans Coalition and founding member of Climate Action Rhode Island. Along with CARI’s logo, she recently designed the visual identity for the Shall Not Be Denied Initiative launched by the Rhode Island Department of State and Rhode Island Council for the Humanities to mark the 100th Anniversary of Suffrage.

Open Office Hours with Meg DeCubellis

Meg DeCubellis , illumiNITE

Meg specializes in construction and development with a focus on the intersection of design and manufacturing. Meg is a faculty member in the Apparel Design Department at RISD, where she focuses on teaching the basics of drafting, draping, textiles and construction. DeCubellis is co-owner of illumiNITE reflective running and cycling gear, which is made locally in Fall River, MA. From her factory location, she also works closely with young designers on developing their collections as VP of Creative Design at Accurate Services. DeCubellis lives in Narragansett with her husband John.