Experience Design with Tellart

Experience Design is a multidisciplinary and collaborative field that includes a wide range of activities from designing apps to exhibitions. Experience designers structure the interactions between people and systems over time. This allows us to effectively contextualize products, design intuitive services, and immerse people in messages. Because Experience Design considers the totality of someone’s experience, the techniques and processes used are especially suited to designing for changing landscapes, and imagining preferable future scenarios.

This two session workshop explores Experience Design methods, tools, and practices that go beyond the screen. The workshop will include an introduction to Experience Design, participatory exercises, and exposure to tools used to design impactful experiences.


Workshop Details:

    • First Session: Tuesday 6/2, 2-4:30PM
    • Second Session: Thursday 6/4, 2-4:30PM

    Registering for the workshop registers you for BOTH online sessions.

    All online workshop sessions happen on Zoom. A link to the Zoom room will be emailed to participants before the first session.


    * DESIGNxRI has a funding partnership with the State of RI that can cover all costs of the participation if you meet the eligibility requirements. Once your eligibility is confirmed, a comprehensive REAL JOBS RI enrollment package will be emailed to you to complete your FREE participation. All paperwork MUST be filled out BEFORE the workshop to participate in the workshop. You must be able to attend all sessions of your workshop in order to qualify for this grant.



    Tellart is an international team of industrial + graphic designers, electronics + software engineers, filmmakers and architects. We work at the boundaries of technology to create transformative experiences in service of humanity, the planet and our future. We are known for bringing the digital beyond the screen, into the physical objects and spaces around us.

    Tellart, Chief Executive Officer

    Nick Scappaticci

    As Chief Executive Officer, Nick leads Tellart in high-level operational and strategic decisions, while still being involved in details of project development and execution. He is responsible for leading a staff of strategists, designers and technologists, and for creating a cohesive cultural environment for Tellart that enables project and career success.

    Tellart, Senior Designer

    Laila Aukee

    As a senior designer at Tellart, Laila works to understand and communicate complex systems through diagramming, mapping, and other documentation tools. She works across a wide variety of client and internal projects in order to better frame project challenges and solutions. With strong analytical and conceptual skills, Laila is also involved with new concept development brainstorms, early project research, interface layouts and inventories, and interpretation of system and software architectures.