Build Your Own Box Workshop


Attendees who participate in this event will learn about designing award-winning paperboard packaging, then follow along with our Design Engineers to construct their own rigid box with the Taylor Box “Build Your Own Box” Kit.

Attendees will receive an introduction to how packaging design can help increase brand recognition and deliver unique tactile brand experiences. We will also share an overview of the Taylor Box Company approach to design collaboration, engineering, prototyping and production.

Participants will receive a “Build Your Own Box” kit which contains the items you’ll need to build your own tray in a three-panel rigid box with a French panel (Don’t worry – you’ll learn what that means) designed to hold standard business cards (3.5” x 2”). The kit contains several pre-cut wraps of various materials, colors and textures as well as a blank wrap that you can paint, draw, collage, etc., on to really personalize. Our Design Engineers Allie and Ken will walk you through the step by step process to put it all together.


Ken Byrne

Ken has spent the past 29 years creating rigid packaging as the Senior Designer at Taylor Box. Ken’s work is behind many of the ‘Best in Show’ designs for packaging and print awards, and he has ideated many of the intricate and innovative structures produced by our shop. Ken holds a Bachelors of Fine Art in Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design


Alejandra Garcia

Alejandra, known to us as Allie, is a relatively new member of the Taylor Box family, but has numerous years of experience working in the packaging industry. Since she graduated from Wentworth Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design, Allie has worked for TimBar Packaging and Display as a Design Technician, and for Hasbro as a Comp Packaging Artist building packing for concept toys.