Out of Office: Building a flexible design studio wherever you are


Having grown tired of life in established firms and city life, designers George Coffin and Jillian R. Wiedenmayer ditched their Brooklyn digs in favor of the road less traveled - founding Studio Den Den to focus on creative projects that enable a flexible lifestyle wherever they are.

In this talk they’ll cover, building a flexible studio set-up, establishing an array of architecture and industrial design clients, thriving via partnerships, and their most recent studio-driven project, an off-the-grid, work-from-anywhere retreat designed to blend in with its surroundings.

The session will be followed by Q&A


Jillian Wiedenmayer

Born and raised in Washington DC, she has a deep interest in exploring the intersections of community, culture, and art. That same passion later on translated to her work at from the Rhode Island School of Design where she graduated with honors, holding a BFA, BArch and a Concentration in Social & Cultural Dynamics in Design.⁠

From there she moved to Massachusetts where she focused on multifamily construction and in her free-time curated a number of large scale public art pieces. When she’s not designing art or architecture, she’s either hiking around upstate New York or strolling around art galleries.

George Coffin

Born and raised in Massachusetts, he grew up with a passion for making things his own. Later on that passion translated into his work in the Furniture Department at the Rhode Island School of Design where he received a BFA.⁠

⁠George strives to make meaningful products that are both functional and emotional. After working in San Francisco for a number of years at Lenart Studios, Williams-Sonoma, Council Design, and Steelcase, he moved to Brooklyn - where his main focus is building out his own furniture and home goods collection at Studio Den Den. When he’s not designing, he is either working on motorcycles, camping, making⁠ music or cooking.⁠