Job Searching In Times of Uncertainty with Sacsha Flowers

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Does planning for your next career move in the middle of a pandemic have you feeling blue? Sacsha Flowers of Nu Phase Creative Consultancy is here to guide creatives towards making a career transition with clarity, confidence, and ease… even in times of uncertainty. You’ll leave this interactive workshop with a comprehensive plan and strategy for identifying openings in the “Hidden Job Market” to ultimately land your next big opportunity.

Workshop Details:

Date: Thursday October 8, 10am-11:30am.


  • FREE for Rhode Island residents with a design background. A completed Real Jobs Rhode Island Enrollment Package is required.
  • $175 for non-residents or non-designers

All online workshop sessions happen on Zoom. A link to the Zoom room will be emailed to participants before the first session.


Sacsha Flowers

Sacsha Flowers is a highly creative career strategist with more than 10 years’ experience within fashion, higher education, recruitment, and organizational development. She has a natural knack for effectively developing individuals and organizations with set initiatives that build industry knowledge, skills, capabilities, engagement, and retention. In 2019, she launched Nu Phase Creative Consultancy to help creatives unpack their career-blockers so they can become top performers in any capacity. Through her non-traditional coaching approach, clients face their biggest challenges head-on so that they can carry out their career goals successfully.