Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Sep 17

Differentiation by Innovation: Tour and Lunch at Orion R|E|D

  • Orion HD / A division of Orion R|E|D
  • 12:00 pm — 1:30 pm
  • 270 Jenckes Hill Road

For over 30 years Orion RED has provided design, engineering and manufacturing services to architectural clients around the world. Their newest division, Orion HD, was established to focus on serving the...

Sep 17

Saving Historic Resources While Building for the Future

  • DBVW Architects
  • 12:00 pm — 1:30 pm
  • 111 Chestnut Street

Two Municipal Projects in Massachusetts that Saved Historic Resources While Building for the Future: Two municipalities in Massachusetts were recently faced with similar challenges. Each had a significant historic resource...

Sep 17

Designing at the Speed of Light

  • FARO and Rhode Island College
  • 12:00 pm — 1:30 pm
  • 600 Mt Pleasant Ave

Faro is partnering with Rhode Island College to show you how to improve the time it takes to design and reverse engineer by collecting the world in 3D. Combining 3D...

Sep 17

Marathon Clambake

  • 6:00 pm — 8:00 pm
  • 20 Risho Avenue

Clambake is a gathering for designers, creatives, and those who like design and want to know more. It’s a time to get together, network, and hear about some of...