Keri Ambrosino

Keri Ambrosino

Owner at Design by Keri - Graphic Designer


An ARTrepreneur based in RI, creating designs that inspire, by artistically stylizing images, words and ideas to capture visually your businesses key demographic.

I am intensely passionate about what I do and cannot imagine doing anything other than design for the rest of my life. Many would describe me as optimistic, honest, and incredibly driven. Being born the only Redhead in my family I’ve always stood out as unique, and love it!

Since I was a little girl I’ve always loved art and the smiles it would bring to those who where inspired by it. Drawing, painting and creating handmade materials have always been a passion. I fuse my creative abilities with the practical by putting my pencil and pad in hand mixed with the modern technology of my computer. I create ideas for Marketing, Advertising, Weddings and Films.

As a Rhode Island College Graduate, with a degree in Graphic Design and a Masters in Media Design, I’ve obtained the knowledge to create inspirations for all types of businesses. I have freelanced for over 12+ years and love bringing fresh new ideas to the table by style and design.