Boris Bally

Boris Bally

Founder, Owner, Creative Director at Bally Humanufactured, LLC - Design, Marketing, Humanufacturing


Boris' work is a disciplined body of objects which vary from eccentric through formal to humorous; provoking thought and reflecting some of the distortions of our ordered world. His practice is a near transparent amalgam of the skills of an able industrial designer, a gifted craftsperson, a savvy business man, a discriminating sculptor, and a clever cultural critic. Bally is a working artist - someone who has integrated their studio practice, their means of monetary support, and his family into a seamless (sleepless?) lifestyle that is puncutated by the dissected remains of streetsigns.

Boris Bally is a Swiss-trained metalsmith/designer working in Providence, RI where he maintains his small studio business, Bally Humanufactured, LLC.

Recently, Bally was interviewed for the Smithsonian Institution, Archives of American Art: Oral History project, part of the Nanette Laitman Grant.

Bally’s work has earned him the 2015 Rhode Island Council on the Arts Fellowship in Craft as well as two RISCA Design Fellowships. He also received a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Crafts Fellowship. Bally won First Prize from the International Green Dot Awards for his Broadway ArmChair design in 2012. In 2013 he was a finalist in both Eco Arts Awardsand the 2009 International Spark Design Awards. In 2006 Bally received an Individual Achievement Award for Visual Arts presented by the Arts & Business Council of Rhode Island. His work has been featured in numerous international exhibitions and publications. Public collections include London’s V&A Museum, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Museum of Art & Design New York, Carnegie Museum of Art Pittsburgh, Brooklyn Museum, Luce Foundation Center, Renwick Gallery and Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.