Eric Army

Eric Army

Owner and Principal at StudioMEJA


Studio MEJA is a boutique architecture firm based in Providence, Rhode Island, founded by Eric Army, AIA, in 2011.

Our work seeks to create well-crafted design, meaningful places, and great relationships.

The Firm lives at The Box Office—a collection of shipping-container office spaces housing a vibrant creative community that inspires us daily.

Eric Army and his key collaborator, Anastasia Laurenzi, often commute by bicycle, which helps them see the city from a different perspective. In addition to designing great buildings, we highly value education and art. Eric teaches design courses at local colleges, and shares his lessons-learned with design peers at lectures and building tours. Anastasia continues to draw from her fine art background as an installation artist and is a visiting critic in art and architecture.

After starting Studio MEJA in 2011, Eric has had the opportunity to work on some incredibly rewarding projects. These have only served to deepen his love for architecture and help him realize the inter-dependence he has on the rest of the design team. The core of the work is sketching ideas, researching technical requirements and coordinating the details, but the transformative moments are always collaborative: drawing the first lines that give form to the client’s vision or finally resolving a complicated construction detail on-site with the contractor.

He often finds his role as the unique generalist on the design team who can interface naturally between the client, contractor, regulatory officials, engineers, fabricators and other designers. This skill, combined with a designer’s eye and a collaborator’s perspective, allow him to synthesize design solutions that stay true to the design’s core ideals and meet the needs expressed by his team.

In addition to being a collaborator, Eric is also a formal and informal educator. Sometimes this is in a traditional venue such as a college courses or conference speaker, but the majority of it is part of daily life: sharing with clients and contractors principals of design and the rational behind technical requirements.

Outside of the office, Eric also loves designing and building things for personal projects. This has allowed him to explore making furniture, light fixture design and historic trim details in a way you just can’t learn in the office. To recharge his batteries, Eric enjoys athletic pursuits such as competing in triathlons, cycling around town and running in the woods.

See more of Eric’s inspirations and process at his blog:

2014 Community Service Learning Fellow: Johnson & Wales University
2013 Teacher of the Year: Johnson & Wales, School of Engineering & Design

Invited Presenter:
2014 Session Chair: Southern New England American Planning Association (SNEAPA) “Roving Roundtable” Walking Tour
Conference Tour: New England AIA Downtown Mixed Use Walking Tour
Speaker: DesignXri “4x4 Marathon Clambake” invited presenter
Speaker: AIAri Emerging Professionals: Mechanical Systems for Architects
Session Chair: RI Historic Preservation Conference: Academic Projects
Keynote Speaker: University Nebraska-Kearney Interior Design Professional Day

Studio Site Tour: RISD Interior Architecture: Providence G
Construction Tour: AIAri Emerging Professionals: Providence G
Speaker: RI Historic Preservation Conference: Academic Projects

2011 Conference Paper: Death and Life of Social Factors, U. Cal Berkeley

2013 Faculty Current Projects: Johnson & Wales U. School of Engineering & Design
2009 Graduate Thesis Research: Northeastern U. School of Architecture