A Visual Guide to Finding Your Scene at DESIGN WEEK RI


A Visual Guide to Finding Your Scene at DESIGN WEEK RI

Who are you going to sit with at lunch? Who are you going to talk to at the bar? Those are two of the tricky social questions that perplex many of us every day. At DESIGN WEEK RI, the answers are a little easier. Just find the lunchtime or happy hour event that speaks to your interests.​

If the picture above makes you giggle a little…

Then thoughtful branding and smart visual communication are probably your thing. Here are some events that should speak to your slightly OCD need for consistent graphic identities.

Eat & Speak Lunch: “Creative Firms and Corporations: Partnering to Achieve Strategic Goals with Design Thinking”
(add)ventures and CVS Health talk about how creative firms and big corporations can build successful campaigns with a foundation in design-thinking.
9/18 @ (add)ventures

Eat & Speak Lunch: “The Future of Retail Design: Experience is Everything”
Join Designer151 for a discussion about how brands who are focused on the future are creating new retail experiences.
9/19 @ Designer151 Studios

Happy Hour with Fuzion Design
Have a drink with this award-winning design firm and learn how millennials are changing the face of branding.
9/22 @ Fuzion Design ​

If this is your idea of a practical joke…

Then you probably have no trouble putting together IKEA cabinets, know your way around a 3-D printer, and swoon over inventive product designs. You might want to bring your next great idea to one of these events.

Eat & Speak Lunch: “Experiential Learning by Design”
Want to see what the Digital Modeling and Fabrication curriculum at a yacht restoration school is like? Yeah, of course you do.
9/14 @ IYRS School of Technology and Trades

Eat & Speak Lunch: “Design to Commercialization: The Impact of Industrial Design on IP”
Sure, you might have come up with a cool design, but is it your intellectual property? And how do you get it to market? Polaris MEP might be able to provide some answers.
9/15 @ TBD

Eat & Speak Lunch: “Concept to Marketplace: Frustrations and Fulfillment in Developing a Design into Product”
Let Jim and Peter of J Schatz walk you through the steps they use to successfully concept, prototype, produce, and market a new product.
9/22 @ J Schatz Design Studio

Happy Hour with Focal Upright
Pull up a stool and have a drink – with the company that makes the coolest, most forward-thinking stools you’ve ever seen.
9/15 @ Focal Upright

Happy Hour with Ximedica
Let Ximedica show you how they design the medical devices that could very well save your life one day.
9/18 @ Ximedica

If this fills you with joy…

Then you recognize the power of the built environment and the people who shape it. These folks want to make it better.

Eat & Speak Lunch: “The Secret Life of Power and Water”
Ponder life without these basic necessities as KITE Architects shows you how they are working to solve unique design challenges for utility companies.
9/18 @ KITE Architects

Eat & Speak Lunch: “Apps, Client Relationships, and the Design Process”
Are you a sucker for cool, new tech toys? Then you’re going to love Studio AMD’s new app for architects and designers.
9/18 @ Studio AMD

Eat & Speak Lunch: “World-Class Performance Venues through Mass Timber”
How can small and mid-sized communities afford to stage performances in world-class facilities? With pop-up venues, of course. PresenceLabs shows you how.
9/22 @ Northeast Collaborative Architects

Eat & Speak Lunch: “The Flooding of the Ocean State: Strategies and Questions for the Future”
The landscape architects at Searle Design Group will explore the unique design challenges sea level rise poses for the Ocean State.
9/20 @ Hope Artiste Village

If this is a bit too “matchy-matchy” for you…

Then you probably have several home and interior design magazines on your coffee table right now. We’ve got some folks you might want to meet.

Eat & Speak Lunch: “The Impact of Your Environment on Wellness and Healing”
Janelle Blakely Photopoulos and her team transform interior spaces to support families with children in medical crises. Learn how they use things like light, color, texture, and materials to do it.
9/19 @ Blakely Interior Design

Eat & Speak Lunch: “Immerse in the World of Interior Design at DiLeonardo”
Peak behind the curtains – at least figuratively, and perhaps literally, too – of this local interior design firm that works on a global scale.
9/21 @ DiLeonardo International

Eat & Speak Lunch: “Setting New Trends in the Art and Design Industry”
Who chooses the art on the walls in those trendy restaurants and chic office spaces? Corporate Art Group does, and they’ll explain their creative process.
9/22 @ Corporate Art Group

If this is your idea of a villain…

You’ve probably got your finger on the pulse of fashion and would love these stylish affairs.

Happy Hour: Take a Walk on the West Side
“Strip mall” used to be the definition of uncool, but local outerwear brand Cleverhood and its cool neighbors, Downcity Design and Long Live Beerworks, may change your opinion with this gathering at the West Fountain Street Strip Mall.
9/19 @ 425 West Fountain St.

Art, Fashion & Celebrity Culture with Designer Leah Benjamin
Get an insider’s perspective on style and celebrity culture from Rhode Island native Leah Benjamin, whose designs have been worn by the likes of Naomi Watts, Jessica Alba, and Lauryn Hill.
9/14 @ Newport Art Museum

These Walls Can Talk: Celebrating Doris Duke as Tastemaker
Picture the latest fashions from local designers set against the backdrop of arts connoisseur, fashion icon, and preservationist Doris Duke’s interior designs. That’s exactly what Design New England magazine did at Duke’s iconic Newport home and they’ll explain how they put it all together.
9/14 @ Rough Point

If this was your favorite game as a kid…

Then you probably love a good, creative challenge that requires design thinking. These events should get your gears turning.

Eat & Speak Lunch: “Silos of the Lambs: How Teams Break Down Walls, Build Trust, and Ship Good Work”
How do we make sure we’re building the right thing, and make sure it’s built right? Product design and engineering firm MojoTech will seek to answer these questions and more over lunch.
9/20 @ MojoTech

Eat & Speak Lunch: “Creating a Culture of Collaboration”
How can the culture of a space nurture exciting collaborations? The indie designers who combined to form the Design Office will show you.
9/19 @ The Design Office

Eat & Speak Lunch: “Catalyzing Social Systems Through Design”
Start generating some ideas over your brown bag lunch as the thinkers at BIF’s Experience Labs walk you through their Design Methodology.
9/21 @ Business Innovation Factory

Eat & Speak Lunch: “Growing Your Design Business”
Kyla Coburn of Kyla Coburn Designs and Jonathan Glatt of O&G Studios, two recent graduates of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, will lead a conversation about growing your business.
9/21 @ Loie Fuller’s