Community Highlight: Heather Guidero Jewelry


Community Highlight: Heather Guidero Jewelry

Heather Guidero’s jewelry consists of a series of simple geometric shapes inspired by elements of modernist design. We chatted with Heather to learn more about her businesses and how she has grown over the past year.

Heather was also one of the 17 members of the 2015-2016 the Design Catalyst program. The 2017-2018 Providence Design Catalyst is now open for application! Learn more and apply by December 8th, 3pm!

1. Tell us a bit about you and your work!

Heather Guidero Jewelry is a decade-old studio located in Providence, RI. Inspired by elements of modernism, we create limited edition and one of a kind pieces using recycled sterling silver and gold as well as ethically sourced stones for stores and galleries around the country.

2. It’s been almost a year since Catalyst ended. How has your business changed since then?

Using advice from the Design Catalyst workshops, I’ve been more decisive in my design process: setting aside ideas that don’t currently resonate, and editing each collection down to its essentials to streamline production. I was also able to bring on a full time employee and invest in training her in our fabrication methods, freeing me up to pursue commissions and work on a new collection of fine jewelry.

Heather at her studio (left) and ruby tangled jewelry. Images by Heather Guidero.
Heather at her studio (left) and ruby tangled jewelry. Images by Heather Guidero Jewelry.

3. How does being in Rhode Island impact your work?

Being located in Rhode Island has so many benefits for a jewelry studio! With excellent jewelry and metals programs at several nearby colleges, there is access to trained interns and employees. There are still several family-run businesses in the area that support the jewelry industry such as casters, stampers, and tool vendors that make it incredibly easy to create samples and try out new ideas quickly. I’ve been working with many of my vendors for over a decade, and treasure the relationships we’ve built.

4. What’s next for your business? What should we be looking out for?

The new website is finally ready to launch - I’m excited to offer online purchasing for my clients and retail partners. There is also a wedding and engagement line coming next year.

5. What tips would you give to those who are looking to start their own businesses?

It’s an incredible amount of work, but it’s worth it! Growing my studio has been a steady process of building relationships with clients and developing exceptional customer service. Whether it’s jewelry or furniture or apparel, it’s so important to stand behind the work and provide support in a timely fashion - it is something that can set you apart from others. I’ve also learned that when it comes to retail partners, sometimes the best clients aren’t necessarily the biggest names in the business.

llipse eclipse necklace (left) and long circle bunches (right). Images by Heather Guidero Jewelry.
Hllipse eclipse necklace (left) and long circle bunches (right). Images by Heather Guidero Jewelry.