The Power of Making Things: Product Design at DESIGN WEEK RI


The Power of Making Things: Product Design at DESIGN WEEK RI

One of the things DESIGN WEEK RI celebrates is Rhode Island’s long and proud history of making things. From textiles to jewelry to boats, our power to create drove our economy, and that’s still true today among the advanced manufacturers, boutique product designers, and artistically-inclined craftspeople who still call the southern New England home. Three of those thoughtful makers will showcase their wares and share the ideas during DESIGN WEEK RI.

Monday, September 21 offers a double-header of cool product design. First up is “From Maker to Pro Maker” at DCI, part of the Eat and Speak Luncheon series. Decor Craft Inc. makes fun, whimsical home goods and accessories (like the “Pizza Axe” pictured above). Founder/CEO Roni Kabessa, with the help of Make Magazine‘s Brian Jespon, will talk about all facets of the design and manufacturing process, and show off some of his cool toys. (3D printer, anyone?)

On Monday night, hear from Featured Speaker Matt Cavallaro at a Marathon Clambake. Matt is the creator of Nest Homeware, a line of rustically inspired, beautifully crafted cast iron cookware and kitchen accessories. This event will feature other local design stars too, including Amy Bernhardt, Greg Nemes, and Adrienne Gagnon.

The product-focused fun continues on Thursday, September 24 with another Eat and Speak Luncheon featuring IllumiNITE, a local activewear company that designs products for fun, safety, weather, and style. They’ll show you how their innovative ink allows them to create reflective gear that doesn’t rely on glittery strips to keep you safe and visible at night.

These rising stars in local design are carrying on the proud tradition of making things for the next generation.