The Advance program works with mid-level career designers by offering strategic design skills and adding know-how and new strategies to already successful design careers.

Advance your strategic design skills!

In this four-month skills advancement program, designers increase capabilities in leading dialogue and thinking, improve facilitation and user-experience design, and explore design thinking for innovation strategies.

The DESIGN FORWARD RI Advance Program includes:

  • Once a month, day-long sessions
  • Professional development in strategic design skills
  • A unique network of designers and peers panning across design disciplines
  • Hands-on learning and workshops

What we’re looking for:

Talented and experienced RI designers with a drive to advance their skills and interest in applying strategic processes to their work. Designers should be employed by companies willing to take part in the DESIGN FORWARD RI program.

How to apply:

Applications will be open in summer/fall 2020 for the Fall Cohort of 2020. For any questions, contact us at 401-427-0811 or

Limited spots are available for free participation through the Real Jobs RI funded program. In these, cohort participants are sponsored by their employers and through an application process accepted into one of two cohorts per year. Additional participation is available on a cost per person fee; contact DESIGNxRI for customized needs at