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Rhode Island was founded by a renegade, Roger Williams. The Industrial Revolution was born in our mills. And design-driven mavericks continue to be inspired here, building companies like Airbnb, Hasbro, CVS Health, and Swarovski.

This small state in the eastern seaboard has housed innovation, entrepreneurship and guts since before our founding fathers claimed independence from Great Britain. They say it’s in our DNA. We say it’s what makes living and working here a fun, interesting, and inspiring experience.


Packed in our 37×48 mile state, Rhode Island brews with design impact.

3rd largest percentage of creative jobs in the country after CA and NY

3rd most industrial designers in the nation after Detroit and Cleveland

75% of RI designers work nationally, 35% internationally


Rhode Island’s design sector is an unparalleled concentration of problem-solving talent and creativity, with uniquely close proximity to partners and resources to make it all happen.