September 30
2:00-4:00 PM

1 York St,
Newport, RI 02840

ADA Accessible: Yes
Fee: Pay what you wish

Design Your Ecosystem of Learning (Newport)






Learning lives everywhere – at recreation centers. Parks, public libraries, museums, office Buildings, colleges, community gardens, theaters, churches, homes, and in backyards. But, today’s education system assumes meaningful learning only happens at a place called school.

Imagining what could be is the first step to realizing this new future. Delve into a world where learning truly lives everywhere in the community is the playground for the learning.

After watching, Education Reimagined, The Big Idea, a short video, we will engage participants in a hands-on workshop to what you might imagine for our communities.

Participants, with supplies provided, will draw, build, design, imagine the most powerful places of learning in their lives. These artifacts will then become part of created ecosystem. Following the making we will have a facilitated conversation with the FabNewport team that will document:

Why were these powerful places for learning?

We will ask questions about our present communities and think about the obstacles and opportunities that might support or prevent us from creating an equitable, learner-centered ecosystem in Rhode Island.

FabNewport, with the support of the van Beuren Charitable Foundation, the Rhode Island Foundation, Prince Charitable Trusts, Powered by Prince, Newport Public Schools, the Met School, and many others, has been slowly building the ecosystem. We need your help to liberate our youth from the tyranny of being measured and sorted by their test scores. Our team is committed to all youth having the confidence to live into a Positive Future Vision grounded in community and the reality of their identity and emerging competencies.

Steve Heath

Steve Heath is the executive director of FabNewport. He’s worked in urban and rural public and private schools in Boston, Chicago and RI. He started FabNewport (2013) to provide educational alternatives for youth and adults. He is a synthesizer and connector, with a track record of designing and implementing programs in schools and the community. He has a vision for education and building community partnerships emphasizing inclusion and respect. Steve lives in Jamestown with his wife and has two adult children. Steve loves the outdoors, plays a variety of sports and jumps in the ocean every morning between June 1 and September 30.

Bobbi Macdonald

Dr. Bobbi Macdonald serves as the Senior Partner for Ecosystem Growth and Advancement for Education Reimagined, a nonprofit organization dedicated to a transformational vision for education. Her previous work as Executive Director of City Neighbors in Baltimore sought to provide an answer to the question, “What would it take for every student to be known, loved, and inspired?” That question remains at the heart of her work today. Bobbi most recently completed her Doctorate in Education Leadership from Harvard University.

Alin Bennett

Alin Bennett is Education Reimagined’s Vice President of Practice and Field Advancement. He is a staunch advocate for national school transformation and creating an equitable education system. His previous work has included supporting curriculum development, leading advisories, and leading schools in ways that continuously advanced learner-centered, equity-based practices. Alin is based in Providence, RI where he lives with his wife and two young children.