September 26
2-4 PM

1 Park Row, Providence
Fee: $7
Refreshments: Yes
Recording Allowed: Yes

Fungus x Design

As part of the 8th Annual Design Week RI, Goode Landscape Studio is excited to host an interactive workshop on the ways fungi influence and shape urban landscape design. Our event, Fungus x Design (pronounced, ‘fungus by design’), will be outdoors for the first half and indoors for the second half. We will meet at the corner of N. Main Street and Park Row in Downtown Providence. This is the South East corner of the Roger Williams National Memorial Park. We will start with an introduction and fungus talk (30 mins) about the role of mushrooms and mycelium in the urban environment. We will then go on a 30-40 minute field walk and soil/mushroom collection activity. Finally, we will return back to the office for a 45 minute interactive workshop that allows participants to visualize and understand the design impacts of fungus and mycelium at multiple scales. Participants will begin by getting up close and personal with their local fungal strains by viewing and photographing their soil samples under a microscope. Zooming out, we will then examine mushroom fruiting bodies with the naked eye, comparing their morphology, and utilizing their caps to create spore prints. During the event, we will have living and inert mycelium-based prototypes and experiments available for visitors to see and interact with. These focus on the intersection of design, ecosystem health, and human experience. Each participant will receive a laser-cut interactive booklet, a live mushroom cap for spore prints, and photos from their microscope findings as a take-away.

Courtney Goode, RLA

Courtney Goode,RLA is the Founding Principal of Goode Landscape Studio and has a hybrid background in landscape architecture, visual media, and industrial design. She embraces cultural narratives, ecological systems, visual storytelling, and material processes as platforms for understanding and shaping the built environment. She is a Registered Landscape Architect and has worked for top-tier firms in Boston, Austin, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brussels. She serves as faculty in the graduate landscape architecture program at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work has been published in Landscape Architecture Magazine, Landscape Architecture Frontiers Magazine, Kerb Journal, multiple Harvard GSD publications, and exhibited in Texas, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Belgium. She holds an MLA I from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and a BFA in Design from the University of Texas.

Kayla Murgo

Kayla Murgo is a Landscape Designer at Goode Landscape Studio. She finds deep inspiration and optimism in the dynamic, adaptable, and regenerative forces of landscape. Her graduate studies focused on the multi-scalar and temporal connections between the body and the landscape. She believes that a research-driven practice, centered around issues of equity, will lead to a more just and resilient future. Kayla holds an MLA I from the Rhode Island School of Design and a BS in Biological Sciences from the University of Rhode Island.