September 29
4:30-6 PM

KITE Architects in Pearl Street Lofts at 1 Central St, Providence, RI 02907
Refreshments: Beer, wine, and snacks
Recording Allowed: Yes

Look Around

Human-centered design offers an innovative perspective to change architecture as we know it. Participants will engage in an interactive session at KITE Architects’ studio to learn why.

Christine West, AIA

Christine is deeply engaged in civic volunteerism. Through her leadership as Chair of the Providence City Plan Commission, and several other boards and commissions, she has directed conversations about urban development to better understand how elevated design can benefit the community. This same interest drives her work at KITE and informs her approach to every project.

After working as an architect for nearly a decade in the Washington, DC region, Christine completed graduate work at Harvard University where she focused on effective firm management and sustainable development issues.

Christine’s appreciation for KITE’s design sensibility and creative legacy brought her to Providence in 2003 to join the firm. She has co-owned KITE with Albert Garcia since 2008.

In addition to serving as Chair of the Providence City Plan Commission since 2012, she is on the Providence Building Board of Review, recently completed a term as President of the Providence Revolving Fund, and a past trustee of the Providence Preservation Society. Nationally, she serves as a Chair for visiting teams for the accreditation of professional schools of architecture in the United States and abroad.

Erickson Díaz-Cortés

Erickson Díaz-Cortés was born and raised in Puerto Rico and later lived in South Florida as an adolescent. His interest in art and architecture led him to obtaining his Bachelor of Design in Architecture degree at the University of Central Florida in Orlando and thereafter a Master of Architecture degree from the University of South Florida in Tampa. His recently completed graduate thesis work focuses on Queer Space in the built environment. He defines Queer Space as a space that is defined by a set of relationships between queer people, queer aesthetics, and queer intent/usage. Erickson is also an accomplished artist and draws inspiration from his culture, surroundings, and relationships. He has recently moved to Rhode Island and is looking forward to contributing to the artistic and architectural culture in the area.