September 20
5:30-6:30 PM

Fee: Free
Refreshments: No
Recording Allowed: n/a

Print to Disarm

Join local printmakers Jacques Bidon (Counterform), Lois Harada (DWRI Letterpress), and Ally Thatcher (Fallen Cargo) for a conversation about their practice. All three utilize text based posters and printing as a form of activism. In addition to this moderated conversation, the artists will offer a hands on demonstration on Saturday, September 25th.

Jacques Bidon

Jacques Bidon is a commercial printer who left the world of cutthroat deadlines to work with artists and designers alike. Sharing his love of offset and letterpress printing is a blessing. He believes in the power of printing to change just about anything. With over three decades of commercial printing experience, Jacques runs Bidon Press, a commercial shop offering printing solutions for artists and designers as well as one-on-one printing instruction. He also prints his own art using traditional and non traditional print mediums like letterpress, etching and offset in combination.

Lois Harada

Lois Harada is a printmaker bridging fine art and commercial printing in Providence, Rhode Island. Her work utilizes commercial production techniques and equipment to create printed editions that are meant to be affordable and accessible to a wide audience. Originally from Salt Lake City, Lois settled in Providence after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Fine Arts, Printmaking (2010). She is the Lead Designer and Social Stationery Manager at DWRI Letterpress where she also prints her own work.

Ally Thatcher

Ally Thatcher is a multidisciplinary designer based in New England. She runs an art and design practice called Fallen Cargo that is centered around protecting and preserving Black American culture. Her work ranges from graphic design, illustration, political satire, film photography, and printmaking.