September 26
3-6 PM

Springfield Mill @ 275 Albany St., Springfield MASSACHUSETTS 
Fee: Free
Refreshments: Yes
Recording Allowed: Yes

A Walk Through the Woods

Join us and see what it takes to bring a tree into a one of a kind piece of furniture. We will be showcasing some amazing varieties of wood in all shapes and sizes. Some raw and some finished. To say thank you for taking the drive, we will be giving away some wood swag as well. There will also be food and drink available.

HOPES WOODSHOP was founded in 2011 by Marc Stimpson on the premise that a tree’s lifecycle should be respected. We create heirloom quality objects and furniture that respond to the inherent traits of each tree that is harvested. We mill all of our raw material, often saving historical trees, giving us complete control of the process, managing yield and reducing waste. A majority of the trees we source are felled due to age, disease, or storm damage. We work with communities around North America to salvage and steward their historical tree ecosystems and work with designers and homeowners to create heirloom pieces for their homes.