September 22
2:00-4:00 PM

166 Valley St.
Bldg. 6M Ste. 103
Providence, RI 02909

ADA Accessible: Yes
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Design Law & Licensing: The Design Entrepreneur’s Roadmap to Commercial Licensing Success

A licensing business model – where a designer licenses a work to a manufacturer, retailer, service provider, or other organization in exchange for royalty payments – is a great option for entrepreneurs who would prefer to spend more time designing than managing a complex wholesale or retail enterprise. A designer needs little more than an LLC, good counsel, and market savvy to bring their works to a licensee who takes on the financial risk of manufacturing, marketing, and selling them.

In this interactive presentation, Flann will demonstrate how to shepherd a design from idea to licensed work to give participants an overview of the entire licensing process. Topics include the protection of ideas, contracts, negotiations, attorney management, copyrights, trademarks, design patents, specific licensing terms, and how they all interact. This overview is a rare opportunity to assess the entire licensing business model and its potential fit with one’s entrepreneurial vision.

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