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September 27
12:00-2:00 PM

The event will start at the Pedestrian Bridge in front of Plant City and end at CIC
Providence, RI

ADA Accessible: No
Fee: Pay what you wish

This event is currently at capacity but you can add your name to the waitlist.

Reimagining Downtown Providence’s Public Spaces





Spanning over 20 acres, Providence’s rich network of waterfront parks and walkways weave through our downtown’s waterways, bridges and historic architecture. Yet, many of these spaces are underutilized and lack a cohesive, intentional and unique identity that tie them together and to the City. To activate these spaces, The Providence Foundation in partnership with Local Return and PopUp Rhody, invites you to join us on a walking tour to imagine how we can bring new value, beauty, meaning, and activity to the future of downtown. At various points along the tour, we’ll meet with experts to encourage new ways of seeing and activating these spaces with examples from other cities, history and brainstorming. Join us to make your mark on our beautiful city. And, don’t miss the surprise ending!

Jessica David

Jessica David has 20 years working at the intersection of people, place, and money. She delights in human connections, local places, problem-solving, and Bruce Springsteen. Jessica is the founding president of Local Return, a new organization dedicated to building community wealth and resilience, particularly in neighborhoods that have experienced historical disinvestment. As founder and principal of Good Worth Working For, a community consultancy, she supports organizations and leaders on strategy and change processes, program design, large and small convenings, and culture-building. Previously, Jessica served as Executive Vice President of Strategy & Community Investments at the Rhode Island Foundation. Along with the What Cheer Writers Club, Jessica stewards the Dear Rhode Island community letter exchange. She received a BA from American University and an MBA from Bryant University

Cliff Wood

Cliff Wood is the Executive Director of The Providence Foundation, whose primary focus is to create an environment that is conducive to economic development and sustained investment in downtown Providence.

Mr. Wood is a former Providence City Council member where he served as Deputy Majority Leader and Chairman of the Committee on Public Education. A longstanding leader in Providence’s efforts to reimagine its downtown district, Cliff has previously held positions at Cornish Associates, a New Urbanist development company formed to rebuild Providence’s urban core, and was the founding director of Providence’s Department of Art, Culture and Tourism, where he co-founded the Providence Sound Session music festival.

Before moving to Providence in 1997, Cliff coordinated strategy for the US Climate Action Network to lobby for an effective international treaty on climate change. Cliff earned a Master of Arts from Clark University in environmental science and policy and a Bachelor of Arts from the State University of New York at Albany.

Jo Lee

Jo Lee is the founder of PopUp Rhody, an online marketplace for popups. Jo has decades of experience in the Internet sector in the US, India, Israel and South Africa.