Food and Design at RISD Food Lab - MORE SEATS OPEN!

Food and design are always coming together; in plating, in the ways that interior spaces and designed objects can influence eating experiences, and in the cases of trendy foods. Additionally, graphic design choices can completely influence consumer’s relationships with food products. New technologies and design experiments create new opportunities for discussion, eating, and making. As a group, we wonder how design can highlight or provide answers to much-needed questions about food, community, and health.

The RISD Food Lab will organize a visual presentation and panel of RISD students who incorporate food design in their practice.

We’ll conclude the conversation with a workshop where we will ask and attempt to solve food challenges. How can food production be more sustainable and just? How will climate change affect the ways we eat? How can food design aid health challenges such a dysphagia?

These events are being recorded and photographed. By attending, you give your consent to be photographed, filmed, taped, and/or recorded.


Raina Wellman

Raina Wellman is an artist, designer, and writer. Currently a RISD Coworks Student Instructor and Monitor, she is a supporter of collaborative, interdisciplinary making. She believes that when creative thinking and diverse fields of study come together we have the power to make a lasting positive impact. Raina enjoys researching food and biology topics. She graduates this June from the RISD graphic design department with a concentration in science.

Danny Icaza

Danny Icaza is a senior studying Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Prior to transferring into RISD he studied biochemistry at Brandeis University and cooked under Chef Kelsie Kerr. Both of these experiences have inspired him to design food-related objects and experiences. mesclao, the Providence-based dining experience, was his first venture into blending his background in food, science, and design. This summer he began sourcing clams, mussels, and crabs across Rhode Island.

Jonah Palmer

Jonah Palmer is a senior at Rhode Island School of Design studying Industrial Design. Jonah has always been interested in cooking, but starting in 2017 Jonah has spent a large amount of time studying fermentation and preservation of foods, which has led to him creating fermented hot sauce other fermented foods in the hopes of creating a product that could go to market.

Clayton Cottingham

Clayton Cottingham is an interdisciplinary designer, interested in local food systems, resilient architecture, land conservation, community engagement and how these all intersect. He is currently a senior in Furniture Design at RISD with a concentration in Nature, Culture, and Sustainability Studies. Recently, he has involved himself in Rhode Island’s food landscape and has worked for Seven Stars Bakery, Scratch Farm, and Persimmon. His plans for this year are to build a caravan and embark on researching examples of food sovereignty in communities across North America.

Raghvi Bhatia

Born and raised in New Delhi, India, I am currently pursuing my passion as a Glass major at the Rhode Island School of Design. My work focuses on social connections and cultural divides, language and translation. Through making, I hope to play a part in shaping social exchange through an increasingly divisive yet interconnected world.