Work with DESIGNxRI and RIDE on Summer Learning Opportunities for RI Youth


Work with DESIGNxRI and RIDE on Summer Learning Opportunities for RI Youth

Interested in working with DESIGNxRI to introduce design to RI Youth this summer? Let us know!

RIDE has launched “Summer Learning Opportunities Program” and we are looking to partner with local designers and respond to their call for ideas. This program will offer distance learning opportunities for public school students enrolled in grades K-12 during the summer of 2020. The goal of this summer program is to provide children of Rhode Island who have been impacted by the crisis with access to a range of academic and enrichment learning opportunities. This is an opportunity to serve students statewide with prioritized programming for children in Central Falls, Pawtucket, Providence and Woonsocket. Funding is available. Opportunities have the potential to provide summer-long opportunities that are equivalent to a course credit, summer-long opportunities that are not equivalent to a course credit, weekly or bi-weekly workshops and/or boot camps, daily reoccurring programming, and/or one-time programming that provide students the opportunity to participate in learning experiences academic or enrichment experiences. These can be virtual or face to face. Virtual opportunities are encouraged to optimize student engagement.

If you are interested submit your information here by Wednesday, June 24th. Even if you just have a rough idea, let us know and we’ll set up a call to discuss further!

Overview of RIDE application (first please fill out the form above but this may be helpful as you are forming your idea!)

1. How many learning opportunities are you submitting for Summer 2020?

2. How many advancing academic achievement opportunities are you
submitting? How many of these are opportunities are course based?

3. How many work-based learning and/or summer youth employment
opportunities are you offering?

4. How many enrichment and exploration opportunities are you

5. How many physical fitness opportunities are you submitting?

6. How many student transition opportunities are you submitting?

7. How many opportunities are you submitting that target Rhode
Island’s multilingual learners and/or differently abled students?

8. What is the combined
total budget request for all of your submitted courses:

Learning Opportunity Specific Details

1. Overview

2. Learning Opportunity Type:

3. Learning Opportunity Title: (Just text, no
university/program-specific numbering/abbreviations):

4. Has this opportunity previously been reviewed and/or received a
three year approval from RIDE in 2019 as a part of the Advanced Course Network
approval process?

5. Instructor background and qualifications:

6. Minimum students to run course

7. Maximum students you can host in course

8. Grade Span and/or specific grade served:

9. Learning Opportunity Description (Max 3 sentences, this is what
will appear publicly on all materials)

10. Prerequisite(s) (if any): (drop down: course prerequisites, age prerequisite, GPA prerequisites)Prerequisite
details: (write in) Learning outcomes:

11. What will students be
expected to learn by participating in the proposed learning opportunity?

12. What content area is
most aligned to your learning opportunity?

13. If a course-based
learning opportunity, what is the recommended number of secondary or
postsecondary credits earned by completing your learning opportunity?

Learning Opportunity Logistics

1. Learning opportunity modality (Online, In-person, Hybrid)

2. Learning Platform (if applicable):

3. Learning opportunity will run on what days (M-F): checkboxes

4. Learning opportunity start date: (calendar)

5. What is your two week add/drop window (as determined by the first
day of class) for this course (if applicable)?

6. Learning opportunity end date: (calendar)

7. Learning opportunity start time: (clock)

8. Learning opportunity end time: (clock)

9. Number of instructional hours total for learning opportunity:

10. iv. Other: (write in)


RIDE reserves the right to ask applicants to submit additional
documentation which could include – but is not limited to – additional or
revised program narrative, clarifications, verification of proposal elements,
additional assurances, a revised budget and budget narrative, and/or a revised
scope of work. RIDE may also request an interview with the applicant or a
meeting with school/community partners. If RIDE and the applicant are unable to
negotiate an agreed upon scope of work and budget or if RIDE is unable to
verify assertions essential to the successful implementation of the proposal,
the proposal will not be funded.

One fixed administrative cost to be a Summer Learning Provider
(regardless of the number of students served): $___________

Please detail all fixed costs related to the development and
delivery of your summer learning opportunity including but not related to textbooks, materials, kits, and licensing and exam fees if

One per pupil amount for students by course (regardless of class
size): $_____________

Please detail all variable costs related to the delivery of your
learning opportunity.