digital brand convergence



In 1989, with an initial investment of a $289 typewriter purchased on a credit card, Steve Rosa launched (add)ventures on a foundation of boundless creativity, business savvy and a tireless work ethic. (add)ventures has evolved into a multinational strategic and creative firm trusted by Fortune 500 companies and diverse smaller organizations with ambitions to lead their respective industries.

Headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, the company has been honored four times as one of the nation's fastest-growing businesses by Inc. magazine, and has opened offices in New York, Estonia, Argentina and Miami.

We serve leading organizations that share our passion to improve the life, work and play of humanity, promote social responsibility, empower through education, and create opportunity with innovation.

(add)ventures aligns business-building strategy, problem-solving creativity and multicultural diversity to generate brand loyalty through stakeholder communication campaigns.

Here are just a few of (add)ventures guiding principles:
- simplify complexity for humanity
- share the (add)venture, enjoy the journey
- solve problems, make people happy