Hospitality Interior Design



It's about where you wake up. Every destination is different. We find what is essential about a place. That means a persistent drive to get each detail right.

In partnering with the world’s top hospitality brands, the DiLeonardo “team of masters” continually demonstrates an ability to harness purposeful elegance in design—and deliver it anywhere in the world, creating spaces that "do their jobs" with grace and flare. We attend to both the aesthetic and financial success of every project.

The sharing of ideas—of inspirations and of passions—is at the heart of every creative project we develop.

Our dynamic ”team of masters” is steeped in an ethos of generous cooperation. We foster the expression of each contributor’s talents and perspectives in order to generate more creative designs for our clients—and better ones as well. Our solutions benefit from a rich, global pool of experience in addressing the practical aspects of creating successful interiors that support brands and drive business.

In 1971 Robert J. DiLeonardo opened the first interior design studio in Providence with a focus on hospitality interiors.

The studio quickly drew customers from New England and New York and then expanded nationally. Early commissions in Asia lead to the opening of a location in Hong Kong. Successful projects followed in the Middle East, India and Europe, a third international office in Dubai was established in 2003 and the fourth international office, Manila in 2006.

In 1998 a second generation of DiLeonardos and their families assumed leadership roles to sustain and further evolve Bob's vision. James Lehouiller, Lia and Giana DiLeonardo began managing DiLeonardo's four global offices, 100 employees, and a quickly-growing roster of premium world-wide clients.

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