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Andreozzi Architects



Founded in 1988, Andreozzi Architects, in Barrington, R.I., specializes in historically based residential architecture expressive of the region’s sense of place, attentive to its detail and proportion, and timeless in its beauty. A regional architecture: historically mastered, meticulously preserved, respectfully honored, and artistically reinterpreted; from city, to mountain, to ocean. Commissions exist from Commonwealth Avenue, in Boston, to the shores of New England, to the Bahamian Islands.

The firm’s unique team of design-oriented architects is driven by a passion to create elegant architectural solutions in ways that are innovative, respectful of tradition and craft, yet also respect budgets. The size of a project or cost per square foot is irrelevant to our quest to produce successful projects and happy clients.

Everyone at Andreozzi Architects works in small groups partnering directly with David throughout all phases of the architectural process. David’s hand is in every aspect of every project, from the overall proportions of the facades to the details of the moldings on the mantles. As a team, our goal is to organize and simplify the various aspects of design and construction administration, coordinate various consultants and ensure that the final project exceeds all of our client’s desires. In the end, our projects each read as one unified whole from the setting of the landscape to the form and space of the architecture to the details and touches of the decoration. The success of our approach can be seen in the history of repeat clients and in the awards, magazines publications, books and television features our body of work has accumulated over the years.

In addition to David, leadership at Andreozzi Architects includes Cheryl Andreozzi, business partner and wife, and David Rizzolo, a 17-year veteran at Andreozzi Architects.