Founders League

Founders League

Rhode Island's Resource for High Growth Entrepreneurs



The Founder's League is where Rhode Island's startup community comes together to make great things happen. We offer community, space and programming where entrepreneurs at all stages of development can find inspiration and support.

Guiding Principles
Create the Space. Place matters. Creating circulation is among the most important components of successful entrepreneurial communities. The Founders League offers a physical place to make it easier for Rhode Island's startups to enjoy the upsides of entrepreneurial critical mass.

Coworking, Baby. Don't go it alone. Coworking provides entrepreneurs access to a community of peers who share more than cost-effective workspace: they share insights, wisdom, resources and the bond of knowing exactly what it's like to be in the startup grind.

Students Rule. Students are a vital resource for a thriving startup community. It's important that students have an easy way to connect with startups, opportunities to learn and experiment, and access to resources when they are ready to start their own ventures.

Kickass Programming. The Founders League offers a continuum of programming and events for entrepreneurs at all stages of development.

Keeping it Real. To succeed, we need to a sharp focus. The Founders League is geared towards supporting high-growth entrepreneurship. So while we believe that our economy needs a diversity of businesses to grow, we want to help startups with the potential to scale and develop a pipeline of talent to support these kinds of ventures.

Our Origin
The Founders League was created through a partnership between Betaspring, the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, University of Rhode Island and Brown University. We're in launch mode and are using this phase to develop a long-term operations plan that engages a consortium of partners. There's plenty of room at the table, so drop us a line if you want to become a sponsor or help us grow.