Design is Rhode Island is a multi-faceted marketing campaign for the RI design sector, presented by DESIGNxRI. Featuring a mix of designers and disciplines, Design is Rhode Island highlights the breadth and impact of RI design.

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Local Talent, Global Reach

Packed in our 37x48 mile state, Rhode Island brews with design talent. While we are small, our impact ripples far and wide. Learn more >>

Design. It’s Here.

Clustered and connected, Rhode Island’s design sector is an unparalleled concentration of problem-solving talent and creativity, with a uniquely close proximity to partners and resources to make it all happen. Learn more >>

Inspiring Free Thinkers from the Start

Rhode Island was founded by a renegade, Roger Williams. The Industrial Revolution was born in our mills. And design-driven mavericks continue to be inspired here

They say it’s in our DNA. We say it’s what makes living and working here a fun, interesting and inspiring experience.

Learn more about our design-driven mavericks >>

Special thanks to Carrie Chatterson Design.