Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors are critical in achieving the mission of DESIGNxRI. Our emphasis is on expanding who we serve and how we serve to continue building the next generation of designers and to continue to engage with established designers to serve as mentors and teachers. View the available sponsorship opportunities below.


Creative Conversations (formerly Clambake) is a bi-monthly social gathering for designers and those interested in design and creatives. The event features two speakers – designers of different disciplines delivering a 15-minute presentation with a Q&A following. 

Deadline: Ongoing

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Who attends: Designers, creatives, students/ educators, and curious and engaged community members.

Impact: Over 400 people attend this event a year in total from a wide range of backgrounds and interests.

Results: The discussions combine design fields that wouldn’t normally be in discussion together. The event creates a conversation between the work and has the audience create connections between designers and their different processes. 

Outcomes: This event is meant for networking, making new connections, and learning about what RI designers are doing that’s new and innovative. 


In-Kind Host Sponsorship (you provide the space for an event!)*

Single Event (1500) (up to 2 sponsors accepted per event)

Series (6 events) (10000) (exclusive)**

Number of Events 1 1 6
Logo in Email X X X
Logo on Opening Slide X X X
Logo on any printed materials X X X
Social media post (logo) X X X
Social media post (narrative) X X
Materials at event X X X
Signage at event X X
Verbal recognition at event X X X
Written and verbal recognition for presenting the event series “Presenting Sponsor” X

*Please note that hosting spaces must be ADA accessible and have seating options available. AV/Projection capabilities are preferred but not required.
** We will not accept other monetary sponsors but will continue to accept in-kind host sponsorships


A staple of Rhode Island’s creative scene, past DESIGN WEEKS have included over 40 events and thousands of attendees from around the state. Sponsoring this event offers an opportunity for your investment to go beyond a single day or a single creative niche, providing access to our ever growing audience across Rhode Island.

Last year, we celebrated DESIGN WEEK RI’s 10th anniversary, alongside the organization’s 10th birthday. Spanning 5 days and over 30 events, our 10th Annual DESIGN WEEK drew more than a thousand attendees. A key event, the highly anticipated 10th Anniversary Exhibition A Decade of Design in Rhode Island, featured the work of over 200 Rhode Island designers from the past ten years, capturing a rich tapestry of innovation and creativity. A celebration of our community’s talent and dedication to their craft, the 10th Anniversary Exhibition was an opportunity to recognize the individuals that make Rhode Island’s vast design sector. An archive of Rhode Island’s design history as well as a testament to its incredible future potential, the exhibition serves as a reminder of why we invest in the design community.

Other popular events included workshops like DWRI Letterpress’ shop tour and hands-on demo, exhibitions by designers like O & G Studio and Ben and Aja Blanc, and networking events such as KITE Architects’ REFERRAL-RAMA and RIMiAD’s Minority Designer Meet Up. We’re excited to expand offerings like these this year, as our community continues to grow. After all, our community encompasses more than designers, creatives, and entrepreneurs: it’s everyone who is impacted by design (which is all of us!).

Support DxRI and all Rhode Island designers by giving your business more exposure during the 11th Annual DESIGN WEEK RI!








BENEFITS $500 $1,500 $2,500 $5,000 $10,000 $25,000
Logo on website X X X X X X
Logo on poster X X X X X X
Recognition in promo emails X X X X X
Logo on additional printed collateral X X X X X
Social media post (logo) X X X X
Social media post (narrative) X X X
Logo recognition in e-newsletter 6 months 12 months 12 months
Verbal recognition at events X X
Signage opportunity at event X X
Written and verbal recognition for presenting a DxRI event during Design Week “Presenting Sponsor” X
Exclusive DxRI Event Naming Opportunity during Design Week “Naming Sponsor” X