James (Jim) Estes graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1971 with a degree in Architecture and since, has become known for his iconic place-based designs. His style of quiet modernism is reflective in his professional and personal work, designing his own house and others by drawing inspiration from the landscape and history of New England. 

Since 1994 his firm, Estes & Company Architects, which was later rebranded in 2000 to Estes/Twombly Architects, has been responsible for some of the most impressive houses in the Northeast. The company and associates affiliated with Estes/Twombly have won over 150 awards and honorable mentions.

The simplicity of Jim’s work is rooted in his goals to make houses, “…that respond to place,”. His pursuit of this goal has led to the firm’s success, the building of several beautiful properties, and a published book of his work.

With numerous awards, a book about his works, features in over thirty books on architecture, and over a hundred articles and profiles, Estes’ accomplishments certainly speak for themselves. More importantly, his commitment to sustainable, simple, place-inspired architecture has inspired designers, given people’s homes, and helped nurture a growing tradition of environmentally sustainable homes with roots in history and culture.