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Fidelity Design Challenge

The Fidelity Design Challenge  was a three-month training program offered with a corporate partner that accelerated a dynamic learning process, while adding value to designers and companies and creating a more resilient skill base for growth. This program activated designers to explore the tools of the Strategic Design Process through an intensive workshop series and applied the learnings towards a real-world project, all while working collaboratively with a team of other participants.

Similar to other challenges in the curriculum and teamwork, this program addressed a problem statement from our partners at Fidelity. This challenge worked on the topic of Wealth Management and sought to generate ideas to empower young people to access opportunities to save.

Thank you to all our participants and please keep an eye on our website for information on upcoming Design Challenges!

If you’re interested in running your own challenge with DESIGNxRI please reach out to info@designxri.com 

Thank you to our partners at Fidelity!